Target audience:
The training is intended for personnel responsible for the handling or acceptance of goods presented as general cargo that is not classified as shipments containing dangerous goods. The training is in accordance with IATA DGR – section 1.5 and in accordance with feature 7.2 in IATA Dangerous Goods Training Guidance.

The training was previously known as Awareness Dangerous Goods.

The main topics covered during this course are:

  • the basic concepts of the transport of dangerous goods by air;
  • recognizing dangerous goods (tags and labelling);
  • checking packaging and documents of undeclared dangerous goods;
  • reporting accidents involving dangerous goods.

IATA category: 7.2

Taal: English.

Duration of training:

  • Approximatly 1,5 hour

Admission requirements: this course has no admission requirements, other than a reasonable command of the English language.

The price for this training is €75 excl. VAT per person.

After successfully completing the training, the student will receive a certificate.

Valid for: 24 months.

Legal basis:

This training was developed by PMT and based on the training requirements of the ICAO Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air and the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.

PMT ist ein vom Minister für Infrastruktur und Wasserwirtschaft und der International Air Transport Association (IATA) anerkanntes Schulungs- und Prüfungsinstitut.

PMT is also certified by IATA as a Competency Based Training and Assessment provider.PMT also provides this training in the classroom as “in-company” (at your location). If you are interested in the possibilities, please let us know via

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