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Security manager

By June 2023, the air cargo security consultant (BAL) will definitely disappear from the scene. Within the organization, the role of the BAL is taken over by the security manager and the external BAL is replaced by the security consultant. After June 2023, it will be mandatory for every organization that wants to (continue to) be part of the secure chain to have a security manager in (salaried) employment. If the organization (regulated agent) also employs 1 or more controllers, it is also mandatory to employ a supervisor. The security manager and the supervisor are required to have successfully completed the training courses described in the National Civil Aviation Security Training Programme. The possibility of using an external advisor remains, however, this is now called a security consultant. Even if you make use of an external security consultant, the obligation to employ a security manager within your own company remains!

PMT will of course also provide the training courses for security manager air cargo and air cargo supervisor and, if required, you can request information about this from our training department (

You can continue to call on PMT Consultancy. We will gladly advise and assist you in fulfilling your task as security manager.

PMT Consultancy's services are much broader than just providing the external advice to the BAL and soon the security manager air cargo. You can turn to Consultancy for support in various areas:

  • Guide and advise in obtaining the status of known consignor or regulated agent( BA or ELA).
  • Guide and advise in maintaining the status of known consignor or regulated agent, you can think of the tasks previously performed by the external BAL.
  • Guide and advise in obtaining and maintaining AEO status (Customs legislation).
  • Supervise and advise on ADR issues (transport of hazardous materials by road), ADR safety advisor.
  • Supervise and advise on the storage and transshipment of hazardous materials (PGS15 regulations and requirements).

Supervise and advise as a radiation protection specialist (Radiation Expert Level 3).

If you want to hire PMT for obtaining the status of 'known consignor' or 'regulated agent', we will visit you at your request and take stock of the process by means of a company scan. On the basis of the results, we will advise you on which status is most appropriate for your organisation. We will then take care of the preparation of the security plan and the supervision of the approval to be admitted to the EU database. We will also conduct an annual audit and we are available for your questions. You will receive regular updates from us if anything changes in the regulations or their interpretation.