PMT Aviation training


Since 1990

PMT is recognised as a training provider by several authorities. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management provides our accreditation for training courses relating to the transport of dangerous goods. The Ministry of Justice provides the accreditation for security training related to air cargo. PMT is a training institute recognized by the Ecabo for functions in private security and finally, we are also a IATA Accredited School.

These are all guarantees that the training courses offered by PMT meet the highest quality requirements.


IATA Dangerous Goods

Basic Transport of Dangerous Goods IATA - Air Cat. 6
Repetition of Transport of Dangerous Goods IATA - Air Cat. 6
Basic (Review) Transport of Radioactive Substances IATA - Air
IATA Dangerous Goods Transport - Practical Day


Here you will find important information about security training.

Basic Air Cargo Officer Dutch English
Basic flight attendant
Basic Air Cargo Controller
Review Air Cargo Controller
Basic Security Advisor Air Cargo
Repetition Security Advisor Air Cargo
Air freight inspector Specialisation X-Ray
Repeat Air Cargo Controller Specialisation X-Ray
Online operator training X-Ray


Basic course in air freight forwarding (in cooperation with WerkCentrale Nederland)

Hazardous Substances

Awareness PGS15
ADR Diploma Transport of Hazardous Substances
Repetition Test ADR Certificate
PGS Directive Storage of Hazardous Substances
Safety Advisor for Transport of Hazardous Substances
Repetition Safety Advisor for Transport of Hazardous Substances


Trade diploma in waste materials (VIHB)

Safety & Health

Basisveiligheid VCA
Bedrijfshulpverlening BHV
Herhaling bedrijfshulpverlening BHV
Veiligheidstraining Vorkheftruck/Reachtruck (1 dag)
Meerdaagse Vorkheftruck/Reachtruck
Herhaling Veiligheidstraining Vorkheftruck/Reachtruck
Veiligheid voor Operationeel Leidinggevende VCA-VOL
Herhalingstraining B-VCA en VOL