Target audience:

The training ADR certificate basic is intended for drivers, who are engaged in the transport of hazardous materials by road. During the course we prepare you well for the exam. This training leads to the basic ADR certificate that is legally required for the transport of hazardous materials by road. Of course, there are also requirements relating to the professional competence of a driver.

Duration of training:

3 days (08:30 - 16:30) hours


The price for this training is € 425,- excl. VAT per person. Coffee, tea and lunch are included, free wifi at our locations and ample parking in the parking garage.

This price does not include CBR exam fees.


The training is given on the basis of the current national and international legislation. In addition, each participant receives an extensive training book, in which the course material is clearly discussed and explained in the Dutch language. The training book contains a large number of exercises to prepare the student for the exam.


Drivers are trained in the transport of dangerous goods: a job for specialists. That is why the training is also given by specialists: practice-oriented instructors who have sufficient knowledge and experience. You can follow the course at a number of our training locations in The Netherlands. PMT also provides this training ''in company'' (at your location). To remain a professional driver you must have your Code 95 extended every 5 years. When participating in this basic ADR course, you can register 2 x 7 hours. If you are interested in the possibilities, please let us know at

Course Content:

  • general regulations;
  • The main types of danger;
  • Information on environmental protection through the control of waste shipments;
  • preventive and safety measures appropriate to the different types of hazard;
  • what to do after an accident;
  • documents;
  • marking, labeling, large labels and marking with orange signs;
  • What a driver should and should not do while transporting dangerous goods;
  • purpose and operation of vehicle technical equipment;
  • mixed loading prohibitions in the same vehicle or container;
  • Precautions to be taken during the loading and unloading of dangerous goods;
  • general civil liability information;
  • Information on multimodal transportation;
  • Handling and stowage of packages;
  • restrictions on the passage of transport units carrying dangerous goods through tunnels and instructions concerning the behavior of these drivers in tunnels.

At the end of the course, the exam is taken at an external CCV/ CBR location. Participants who pass the exam with a positive result will receive a certificate. The certificate is valid for 5 years.

Recognition as a training institute

PMT is certified by the CBR to provide ADR training.

Code 95

The course may count toward Code 95. A basic qualification is required to obtain Code 95, and after five years, a number of hours (35) of continuing education is required for renewal.

The Code 95 was created 10 September 2009 to increase the professional competence of professional drivers and is compulsory within the EU for all professional drivers who drive vehicles for which the driving license C1(E), C(E), D1(E) or D(E) is compulsory.

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