A practical, exciting and interactive course, designed for employees who want to work in the air cargo industry/logistics or are already working.

Target group

  • Employees who have never worked at Schiphol or in transport and logistics. (Prospective) employees of organisations involved in the logistics process such as customs agents, airlines, handling agents, GSAs and transport companies.
  • Employees working in an operational position such as warehouse employee or driver who want to be retrained to an administrative position.
  • Employees who are indirectly involved in the logistics process at Schiphol and who want to gain more knowledge about the logistics world.
  • Employees who want to brush up on their knowledge of air cargo.


The course covers essential topics such as the air cargo logistics chain, drawing up import/export documents (including the airway bill), the declaration process, customs goods, the export staff module and safety/security. On the 1st evening, the AEO status will be discussed. Incoterms will also be discussed (to a limited extent). There will be sufficient practical assignments.

Study time

The student will be given work assignments such as handling an export consignment (including preparing an airway bill, making an export declaration, calculating the customs value) and handling an import consignment.

Duration of training

The training consists of 7 half-days, starts at 18:30 and ends around 21:30. Everyone is welcome from 18:00. Sandwiches and drinks will be provided.

Costs and registration

The cost of the course is € 495.00 (excl. VAT) and includes food/drinks and complete course book/course material. You can register a student with us by e-mail or telephone. After registration, we will confirm the course location by e-mail.


During the course, practice questions are made and air cargo/customs documents are prepared. At the end of the course, a short exam will be taken. If the result is satisfactory, a diploma will be issued.

For more information about this training please contact WerkCentrale Nederland: 020 40 59 111