Purpose: This online training course provides the student with a global overview of the laws and regulations pertaining to the transportation and classification of lithium batteries.
At the end of the course students will be able to recognize and handle (storage, handling) shipments with lithium batteries. They will also learn about the dangers of lithium batteries. In general, their safety awareness will have increased.

Audience: The course is intended for employees of shippers, agents, cargo handlers and airlines who are involved in the handling of lithium batteries that are to be transported by air.

Price: 45,-€ ex. VAT

Training structure: This course consists of a number of modules covering all aspects of air transport of lithium batteries and takes 2-3 hours.

Teaching materials: All teaching materials are provided digitally in the E-learning module.

Certification: The student receives a digital certificate for participation.

Previous education: None.

Legal Basis: This training is in accordance with the requirements as mentioned in 1.6 (lithium batteries) of the IATA Dangerous Goods Manual. PMT GCTC is recognized by IATA as a training institute for dangerous goods.

PMT Ground Crew Training Center (GCTC) offers several courses in the field of dangerous goods, air cargo security, Human Factors and Lithium Batteries.

Some courses are available as classroom and e-learning programs. Other courses are only available in a classroom format or as an e-learning programme. This is mentioned after the title of the training.

The advantages of E-learning courses:

  • The training can be followed on any device with an internet connection and a browser
  • The employee can set his/her own pace

The PMT training portal gives the employer insight into all certificates of employees and their period of validity. If necessary the employer can also give the employee access to this portal.

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