Objective: Familiarise the participants with cargo doors and cargo holds of various aircraft types. On request, the course can be extended with a practical training focusing on the independent loading and unloading of a Boeing 747. The trainee is able to operate an 'in-plane' system independently.

Target group: The training is intended for personnel in charge of Air Transport.


Previous education: MBO 1 level.

Education level: MBO 2.

Course content: The emphasis is on the Boeing and Airbus aircraft types, supplemented by other non-regular visitors (aircraft) to military airfields in the Netherlands.

Topics to be covered:

  • Opening and closing of cargo doors of the aircraft types Boeing 747, lower deck and main deck, Airbus and Boeing 737 will be discussed.
  • General safety aspects, access, behaviour and traffic rules on the apron;
  • Opening and closing various belly doors of the Boeing and Airbus;
  • specific characteristics of the various load compartments;
  • loading and unloading procedures;

Extension of course content: if required, the training can be extended to include the practical operation of the Boeing's in-plane system.

  • operation of in-plane systems: lock positions, configurations, restrictions and emergency control.

The practical training means that students, together with an instructor, will handle a number of flights at Schiphol (or another eligible airport) in practice. An average of 6 flights per day will be handled.

The training concludes with a test in which the practical assignment determines 70% of the final score and the theory part determines 30% of the final score. Beforehand, a theory test must be completed, after which the mistakes made will return as a subject in the practical assignment.

Certificate validity is 6 months.

The training language is Dutch.

Course group: maximum number of participants per group is 2.

Course duration: basic course 1 day, extension with in-lane practice additionally 4 days (1 day part theory and 3.5 days practice).


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