Objective: Upon completion of the course, the student will have knowledge of the prescribed transport of hazardous substances by aircraft, including the performance of specific administrative actions and the actions to be taken in the event of calamities.

Target group: The training is intended for Loadmasters, ammunition transporters and other personnel directly involved in the air transport of dangerous goods.


Pre-university education: HAVO/VWO level.

Education level: MBO 3.

Course content: After the training, the participant has knowledge of:

  • hazardous substances (general).
  • classification (9 hazard classes).
  • the packaging process.
  • inscriptions and labels.
  • Shippers declaration for dangerous goods and air waybill.
  • handling process of packaging of dangerous goods.
  • action to be taken in the event of damage and/or leakage of packages containing hazardous substances.

Language during the training is Dutch. The course is also available in English.

As PMT is an IATA accredited school, a registration of the obtained diploma with IATA can take place on request and the student will be issued an internationally recognised IATA diploma.

Course group: The maximum number of participants per group is 12.

Course duration: 5 days (10 half-days). Upon request, the course can be extended to include a practical day during which exercises are carried out in the warehouse relating to the packaging and documentation of hazardous substances.


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