Objective: At the end of the training, the participant has knowledge of the regulations that apply to the transport of radioactive substances by air.

Target group: The training is intended for Loadmasters, ammunition transporters and other personnel directly involved in the air transport of dangerous goods.

Course content: Upon completion of the training, participants will be familiar with:

  • the regulation of the air transport of radioactive substances
  • how air cargo consisting of dangerous (radioactive) substances belonging to hazard class 7 is presented.
  • Use and handling of ICAO/IATA regulation dangerous goods of hazard class 7.
  • ability to prepare for transport dangerous goods of hazard class 7.
  • Preparation of documents for radioactive air cargo.

The training concludes with an official exam in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Transport. The diploma is valid for 2 years. The diploma for air transport of radioactive materials is only valid if the trainee is also in possession of a valid diploma for transport of dangerous materials by air (Cat 6)

Language during the training is Dutch. The training is also available in English.

Pre-university education: VWO level.

Education level: MBO 3.

Course group: The maximum number of participants per group is 12.

Course duration: 2 days (4 half-days).

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