After the training, the participant has knowledge of platform safety and is aware of possible dangerous situations that may arise.

Target group:
The training is intended for Loadmasters and other personnel who are directly involved in air cargo transport and need to be present on airside for handling activities.

Previous education: none.

Education level: MBO 1.

Course content:
At the end of the training the participant knows:

  • Definitions;
  • Markings on platforms and perimeter roads;
  • Access to the platform;
  • Rules of conduct on the platform;
  • Traffic rules on the apron and perimeter roads;
  • Approaching aircraft;
  • Use of lights or flags;
  • Handling materials;
  • Security;
  • Refuelling;
  • Flight and occupational safety matters; - Loading and unloading of hazardous materials.

Language during the training is Dutch. The course is also available in English.

Course group:
Number of participants per group is maximum 12 persons.

Course duration:
1 day part.

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