Objective: the creation of security awareness among the air cargo employee (ML) involved in the handling of air cargo and/or air mail.

Target group: The training is intended for personnel involved in air cargo transport.

Previous education: none.

Education level: MBO 1.

Course content: Upon completion, the participant will have/know the following:

  • backgrounds terrorism
  • Recognising sabotage potential
  • importance of chain security
  • role of the Royal Marachaussee and Justice
  • roles, competencies and responsibilities of organisations involved in security


Participants must be trained according to the established examination requirements in the field of security awareness as drawn up by the Ministry of Justice and Security.

Examinations may only be conducted by certified training institutes. The validity of the diploma is 1 year.

The training language is Dutch.

Course content: number of participants per group is maximum 12 persons.

Course duration: 1 day part.

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