Objective: The aim of the training course is to train Loadmasters for Fixed-, and Rotary Wing for the transport of dangerous goods with Dutch aircraft.

Target group: The training is intended for rotary and fixed wing loadmasters, who have followed the initial training in class via contact teaching. The recurrency is via e-learning.



Pre-university education: secondary school level.

Education level: MBO 2.

Course content: At the end of the training, the participant knows/can:

  • The relevant military laws and regulations in relation to the military transport of dangerous goods by air;
  • Check the transport documents for accuracy;
  • Handling the hazardous substances in a correct manner. The instructor should not test the content of the documents, but teach the loadmaster how to work with these documents.
  • ICAO/IATA topics such as: general philosophy, limitations, list of dangerous goods, labelling and marking, recognition of undeclared dangerous goods, storage and loading procedures, pilots notification, provisions for passengers and crew, emergency procedures.

The language used during the e-learning is Dutch. The course is also available in English.

Course group: individual

Course duration: approximately one and a half hours.

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