Objective: The primary objective is for the participant to be familiar with the relevant Civilian Laws and Regulations and the military regulations when transporting dangerous goods by air. 

In addition, the participant can correctly interpret the dangerous goods information on the NOTOC (Notice to the Captain) in order to carry out the emergency procedures and notifications as instructed in the regulations in case of incidents or occurrences with dangerous goods on board

Target group: The training is intended for pilots (Pilot in Command Rotary and Fixed Wing) and loadmasters on board (IATA Table 1.5A, column 10 Flightcrew).

Course content: The training consists of 2 parts, namely:

1 - ICAO/IATA topics - General philosophy.

  • Limitations
  • List of dangerous goods - Labelling and marking.
  • Recognition of undeclared dangerous goods.
  • Storage and loading procedures.
  • Pilots notification.
  • Provisions for passengers and crew.
  • Emergency procedures.


- Introduction Military Air Cargo Requirements (MLEs).

  • Mar-Ops Subpart R.

The certificate is valid for 2 years (covers internal and external parts).

The training language is Dutch. The course participant must have an internet connection and a laptop, fixed PC, tablet or mobile phone. The latter option is just recommended for following the course.

Pre-university education: secondary school level.

Education level: MBO 2.

Course group: The recurrency training is individual via e-learning.

Course duration: the course duration is on average between 1 and 2 hours

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