PMT Aviation's mission is: to be the better alternative.

Within the competitive airline industry, we offer our customers better quality, better rates and better service. By working together as a solid team, striving for perfection, we outperform our competition and provide our customers with: the better alternative.

In order to fulfil our challenging mission, a number of core values apply within our organisation. Core values that reflect who we are and how we work.

PMT Aviation


Quality is synonymous with PMT's services and products; staff are well trained, professional and well prepared for their task. Nevertheless, we strive to further improve our quality every day. You can see that in the operation. This is reflected in the daily operation of our products and services.


Guestology is the leitmotiv. Our customers feel welcome, are treated with attention and are facilitated optimally. We have personal contact with our customers. We do not treat our customers as numbers. We provide tailormade service that will best suit the wishes of the customer.


We are decisive and agile, not afraid of challenges and use our in-depth knowledge to serve our clients in the best possible way. We are not afraid to act and are always looking for opportunities to further develop our services and to let both employees and our company grow.


We work closely together across the group and with our customers and partners. We build solid relationships based on mutual cooperation and trust. We keep our promises.

Pleasure in work

Job satisfaction is not an afterthought or an accidental consequence of circumstances beyond our control. We invest and facilitate in making our employees feel at home at PMT. PMT is not only the best company, but also the best place to enjoy your work.