PMT offers online training courses again

The online trainings are back on the program. As with the1st Corona wave, we want to avoid the problems and risks of unnecessary travel and sitting together with several people by offering a number of training courses online.

We have already started with the Basic Air Cargo Employee online. Two options: Monday October 12th the first option will start at 9h-13h and the same Monday from 14h-18h is the second option to follow the training Basic ML online.

The necessary software for the virtual classroom is again ready to provide the lesson.

After the course, each participant will be given access to the mandatory written test that can be taken after attending the class. The result is immediately available.

What should the connection to our virtual classroom look like?

Nothing special really. The PC or laptop must be able to connect to the Internet otherwise the student cannot log on. And the PC or laptop must be able to play audio and have a webcam. Nowadays there are no laptops for sale that don't meet all these requirements, so it's not difficult.

If you have requested participation in a course, the student will be sent a link with which they can log into our virtual classroom.

At the indicated time the teacher also logs in and a video + audio connection is established.

The students can see the teacher and the teacher can see the students.

Obviously, the ID and the VOG will have to be checked first. Fortunately, this is possible through the video connection. The student shows his ID in front of the camera, possibly also his VOG (this can also be verified earlier by our secretariat).

Then the teacher shares his screen with all the students and the lesson can begin. The presentation is accompanied by the teacher with comments and explanations.

The students can participate interactively, both by speaking (asking questions) and via a chat option to send messages to the teacher.

After the lesson, which lasts a maximum of 4 hours, the link is activated for each student to take an individual exam. The results are known immediately after the course.

We realize that 4 hours live is not easy, but these circumstances are no different in a normal classroom class, also 4 hours present and paying attention. This is the fastest way to realize the course on request and open enrollment in the given circumstances.

Applying for the online course

PMT offers the basic course Employee Air Cargo in 2 ways:

In-company: You can follow the course with a group of participants at your own location. This requires that the participants have access to a screen with a video + audio connection to the internet. This can be a large screen in the meeting room, but also a PC or laptop for each participant that has an internet connection. A big advantage of this way of training is that you can choose yourself where and what time the course starts.

Open Registration: You can register participants who can follow the course individually, provided they have a PC or laptop with audio/video capabilities and can connect to the Internet. At the announced time the teacher will open the connection via internet and the course will be presented.

There are several ways to sign up for the online course: