PMT Aviation dangerous goods


Since August 12, 2014, PMT has been in possession of the ‘E status’ issued by the government. This status offers specialized companies the opportunity to act on behalf of third parties when it comes to shipments of dangerous goods. In doing so, we take over all relevant legal responsibilities from the sender when transporting hazardous substances by air, road, or sea. This includes:

  • packing and repacking;
  • documenting;
  • check it;
  • acceptance checks.

In addition to these activities, PMT advises and assists companies that want to obtain the A/B or E Recognition, or we work as an external ADR Safety Advisor or Radiation Expert (both radiation expert level 5 and level 3).

PMT stands for quality. Our specialists ensure that all shipments of dangerous goods are correctly handled, packaged, marked, labeled, and documented, in accordance with the applicable legal rules. PMT has the policy that all shipments undergo a double check before they are sent out. PMT also has the status of ‘recognized agent’, which means that we can keep the safe chain closed.

One stop shop
In our warehouse at Schiphol-Rijk we can screen shipments that have not been delivered safely in accordance with the regulations, both with an ultra-modern X-Ray and by using explosive detection dogs. If you prefer to ship and document dangerous goods yourself, we have numerous training courses in the field of Dangerous Goods available for you. Examples include transport (IATA, ADR, IMDG, radioactive) and storage of hazardous substances (PGS15). Many training courses are also offered by us in the form of e-learning.