Gradska Sigurnost and PMT Security join forces

PMT Aviation signs a cooperation agreement with the Croatian security company Gradska Sigurnost. This Croatian security company was founded in 1997 by Mr. Šimac sr. In 2010 the helm was taken over by his son Hrvoje Šimac and Gradska has grown into an all-round security company with over 200 employees. With the accession of Croatia to the European Union in 2014, airport security was no longer an executive task of the government, but, as in the Netherlands, this work was outsourced to the business community. Since then, Gradska Sigurnost has been the regular choice of the airports Split, Zadar Airport and the airport on the island of Brac for the complete security of the airports. Graska Sigurnost carries out the same operational tasks as PMT Aviation on Maastricht Airport: checking passengers, hand and hold luggage, vehicles, surveillance, access control etc.

And like PMT, Gradska Sigurnost has its own training centre and provides Basic Aviation Security Training for its own employees in Croatia.

With such a similarity, further cooperation was inevitable. Soon, the first Croatian conductors will be certified as EDD conductors and we will be able to carry out the necessary security checks together in Croatia not only on the freight but also on the hold baggage.

In the picture:

Hrvoje Šimac and Dick Meijaard sign the cooperation agreement between GRADSKA SIGURNOST and PMT AVIATION.