Useful information Security training

There are quite a few misunderstandings about the documents required for admission to Security training courses, such as Air Cargo Officer, Controller, Security Advisor, etc.

The training and role of the Security Advisor will disappear As of June 1, 2023, the training BAL will disappear; until then, the BAL training is still allowed. After June 1, 2023, the BAL training will no longer exist and the BAL will have to participate in the training for security manager air cargo when the validity period of his certificate has expired) and within the company, the internal or external BASL will be replaced by a supervisor (if you employ 1 or more controllers) and a security manager. The security manager must be employed by the company and can no longer be outsourced as before (the "external BAL"). However, the security manager can continue to make use of the external security consultant (formerly the external BAL).

Firstly, the police permit: the police permit (or the declaration of reliability issued when applying for the police permit) is NOT sufficient to be admitted to the courses in question. The screening for the police permit does not focus on the specifically mentioned points in the Certificate of Good Conduct, which is requested to gain access to the training courses and the tasks arising from them.

Then the ACN - VOG: Drivers who transport air cargo and who apply for an ACN pass need a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG). The VOG is obtained through the standard form provided by the ACN to apply for this pass. For the Aviation Act, a different screening was required, so a second VOG. After years of discussion, it has been possible to compile one joint VOG. As of 1 June 2022, the VOG screening profile for the ACN pass has been merged with the Civil Aviation screening profile.

This means that only one VOG is applied for. Unfortunately, this breakthrough comes after the NCTV decided and implemented, as of 12 January 2022, that for all positions involving confidentiality in civil aviation, the VOG is no longer sufficient and a VGB must be applied for.

ACN will still accept the "old" VOG for the ACN Pass until 1 December 2022. However, this document is not valid for gaining access to the security training courses.

Only an issued VOG (not an old ACN VOG but the new one) or a VGB, give the right to participation to these courses. As said, to be allowed to work with or on air cargo with a safe status is A VGB is required.

A VOG is sufficient to follow the course. For working in the warehouse with safe air cargo, a VGB is required!